LicensePreserver saves you money

LicensePreserver maximize the value of shared licenses by recycling idle software licenses you already have.

It does this by automatically disconnecting users when they have been idle.  It uniquely pairs two components:: a browser plug-in for Chrome or Firefox (and soon IE and Safari)  and a central management system.   Both can be set either to automatically close a URL after a period of inactivity or to regularly refresh a web page. This allows common applications to be used more efficiently and common web pages (such as bulletin boards or stock prices) to be updated on a regular basis.

The administrator URLs cannot be changed by the user, but the user can also set his or her own pages to update or close as well.

  • Automatically close web pages

    • User can set multiple URLS to automatically close
    • User can set idle time out for each URL
    • URLs and time outs can also be set across the enterprise by administrator
    • Browser tabs will automatically close on the schedule set by user or administrator
  • Automatically refresh web pages

    • User can set multiple URLS to automatically refresh
    • User can set refresh time out for each URL
    • URLs and refresh time can also be set across the enterprise by administrator
    • Browser tabs will automatically refresh on the schedule set by the user or administrator
  • Administrative functions

    • Simple user installation, just drag & drop
    • Central administration of both page closes and page refreshes
    • User cannot over-ride or disable administrator settings
    • Setting to establish reconnection timing
    • Administration can be hosted in the cloud or behind your firewall
  • User features:

    • Simple installation: simply drag & drop
    • One push validation of central host
    • Closes user settable URLs after idle period. Great for clearing out old tabs when doing research
    • Tabs flash before closing
    • Refreshes user settable URLs after time period. Great for bulletin boards, stock tickers, etc.
    • Does not affect normal operation of browser
  • Management features:

      • Set URLs to automatically close enterprise-wide
      • Set time out for each URL enterprise-wide
      • Set URLs to automatically update enterprise-wide
      • Set time for each URL to update enterprise-wide
      • Set time for plug-ins to re-validate with the host
      • Set enterprise-wide time for warning before pages close.
      • Settings can be set behind a firewall or in the cloud.
  • LicensePreserver gets results!

    One of our customers bought License Preserver to manage a media application from Avid called Interplay Central.   The system has hardware limitations supporting a maximum number of simultaneous users and a per user license fee.  License Preserver was deployed among 250 users  in their newsroom.  Net result, a reduction of peak simultaneous users by more than 30%.  See more details at Exceptional Results.

  • Installation weeks with text

Designed to make the most of licenses when used with software that uses a floating licensing, also sometimes known as concurrent licensing or network licensing model:

  • Schools & University: Wolfram* Mathematica,
  • Media: Media: Avid* Interplay Central, Dalet* News Suite & Sports Pack, GVG Aurora* Stratus*, Snapstream*, Volicon*
  • Software Development: No Magic MagicDraw, Altera,
  • Web Publishing: Chartbeat
  • Architecture: Graphisoft ArchiCad,
  • more to come!

*  The following are registered trademarks: Altera, Graphisoft

** The following are trademarks: Avid, Dalet, Wolfram are trademarked names.

Browsers Supported:

Chrome  version 32.X, for Mac and PC.

Firefox version 27.x for Mac and PC

Additional browsers coming soon!